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The Redesigned SAT

Updates for 2017 Graduates

College Board

College Board will offer the redesigned SAT exam beginning in March. For admission and scholarship purposes, Angelo State University will accept scores from the old and redesigned SAT test or the ACT.

You can learn more from College Board about the redesigned SAT. Below you’ll find how it impacts admission to Angelo State University.  

What impact will the redesigned test have on Angelo States admission decisions?

Redesigned SAT scores include evidence-based reading & writing and math.  The current SAT scores include combined critical reading and math.  

Does Angelo State have a preference for the old or new SAT? Do you recommend I take the ACT instead?

No. College Board will provide us with tables to determine what the equivalent scores are between the old and new tests. This will allow us to evaluate students equally, regardless of which test they take. We should have this information in May 2016.

If I plan to take both tests, which scores should I send? Do you superscore?

Send us all your scores. We do not superscore.  

Is the essay required?

It is not required.

Can the class of 2018 (or later) still submit old SAT scores?

Yes - we’ll accept scores from either test as long as the scores are not older than 5 years.