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Available Scholarships

If you plan to apply for scholarships to help fund your college education, you’re in luck because Angelo State University has several options available. We invite you to browse through our list of scholarships and see if you may be eligible for some. 

Carr Academic Scholarships

All ASU applicants are automatically considered for a renewable Carr Academic Scholarship based on the following criteria:

Carr Academic Scholarships
Distinguished* $15,000 32-36 1420-1600 3.5-4.0
Excellence $6,000 29-31 1330-1410 3.5-4.0
Fellow $4,000 27-28 1260-1320 3.5-4.0
Achievement $3,000 25-26 1200-1250 3.0-4.0
Gold $2,000 22-24 1100-1190 3.0-4.0
Blue $1,000 21 1060-1090 3.0-4.0


Students in ASU’s Honors Program qualify for an additional $3,000 per year.

*The Carr Distinguished Scholarship is an application process for academically qualified incoming high school students. While the other Carr Academic Scholarships are automatic for incoming freshman (Excellence level and down), the Carr Distinguished Scholarship is a competitive application process with a deadline for all materials due on January 10, 2020 (no new test scores will be accepted after this date).