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Military Students (Active Duty & Veteran)

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Transfer Credits & Military Transcripts

Active duty and veteran students should request transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and any applicable military transcripts. 

Joint Services Transcript (JST)

The Joint Services Transcript (JST) is the official transcript for Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard personnel. It validates and documents the American Council on Education (ACE) recommended college credits for professional military education, training courses and occupational experience of service members and veterans. Many military students receive ASU transfer credit from their JST. Please request your JST to be sent to ASU for review. 

Community College of the Air Force

CCAF transcripts show courses/training provided through the Air Force. Many courses from CCAF transfer to ASU. Please request your CCAF transcript to be sent to ASU for review.

National Crypotologic School (NCS)/National Security Agency (NSA)

Some NCS courses are shown on a Joint Services Transcript; however, some NCS courses have not been evaluated by ACE to appear on a JST. ASU will review NCS transcripts to determine if additional credits can be awarded which are not listed on the JST. See the NCS Agreement information in the Special Military Programs section below for more information. Contact the NSA to have a transcript of your completed courses sent to ASU.

Defense Language Institute (DLI)

ASU accepts transfer credits from DLI. Please request your DLI transcript to be sent to ASU for review.


Military students may receive college transfer credit for credits earned through exams like THE College Level Examination Program (CLEP) general examinations and subject examinations and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject Standardized Tests (DSST exams). The list of tests accepted and the equivalent credit earned can be found here.

CLEP and DANTES tests may be taken at any approved site. The CLEP test is also offered at the ASU Testing Center. Students wanting to take the CLEP at ASU must register through the Testing Center.

Additional Elective Credits through House Bill 269

Texas House Bill 269 allows military veterans who enroll in Texas universities and meet certain requirements eligible to receive undergraduate credit for the time they spent in the service for up to 12 credit hours of elective course work. Not all students need elective credits; therefore, please read the information regarding the optional electives and consult with your academic advisor. The information and request form can be found here.

Special Military Programs and Agreements

As a military-friendly institution, ASU supports partnerships with military agencies to apply military training credit to an ASU degree. Information on these agreements is provided below.

National Cryptologic School (NCS)

ASU and NCS’s articulation agreement allows NSA employees and students to transfer their NCS credits into seven different undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs offered through ASU’s Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Security Studies (CSS). NCS students who complete a 13-course track in counter-terrorism can transfer up to 42 credit hours into the B.A. or B.S. in Criminal Justice. NCS students who complete a prescribed homeland security course track can transfer up to 66 credit hours into either the B.S.S. in Intelligence and Analysis or the B.S.S. in Border Security. The degree plans for the degrees can be found below and indicate what NCS credits are awarded for each degree plan.

Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program

The AU-ABC program allows students with an A.A.S. degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) to complete their ASU bachelor’s degree online with no more than 60 additional credit hours, with some students requiring as few as 31 additional hours. The number of additional credits depends on the credits completed through CCAF and through other colleges/universities. Majors available include:

  • B.A.A.S. in Adult Education
  • B.A.A.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.B.S. in Border Security
  • B.I.A. in Intelligence and Analysis

35N MOS Signals Intelligence Analyst Basic Analysis and Reporting Course

Students completing the US Army’s 35N MOS Signals Intelligence Analyst Basic Analysis and Reporting Course (BARC) are eligible to receive up to 21 semester credit hours towards the Bachelor of Security Studies (BSS) in Intelligence and Analysis.These credits include INA 3302, 3303, 3304, 3305, and 4301, and BOR 3307 and 3309. Students must be seeking an ASU bachelor’s degree to receive these transfer credits. Students should submit their Joint Services Transcript (JST) to ASU, which shows completion of the 35N. Please email the Admission-Transfer Office at to request the 35N courses be applied to your transfer credits.

Note: The 35N credits are only awarded as transfer credits towards as degree at ASU. ASU does not transcript 35N credits as “ASU credit” to be transferred to another university. 

14N Intelligence Officer’s Course 

Students completing the 17th Training Wing’s Intelligence Officer’s Course (14N) are eligible to receive up to 12 semester credit hours towards the Master’s of Security Studies (MSS) in Intelligence and Analysis (INA) or the Master’s of Science (MS) in Global Security Studies (GSS). Students should refer to the Graduate Admission webpage for application information. Students should request a transcript of their 14N courses be sent to the ASU Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Courses

DoD personnel who have been awarded at least a Level II Certification under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act can transfer DAU credits into ASU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) in management degree program. Successful applicants will receive six graduate credit hours toward an MBA at ASU and can then complete the remainder of the degree program online.

Students should refer to the Graduate Admission webpage for application information. Students should request a transcript of their ACE transcript showing DAU courses be sent to the College of Graduate Studies to receive the credit.