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Social Work

Career Opportunities

A B.S.W. degree can prepare you for several types of generalist social work and related careers, including but not limited to:

  • Case management positions in hospitals, clinics and social or human service agencies
  • Child, adolescent and family social work
  • Community development
  • Corrections and criminal justice
  • Gerontology and aging
  • Medical social work and public health
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Social and human service administration

For more information about careers for social workers, schedule an appointment with the Social Work Program Director.

Departmental Highlights

  • All core social work faculty are licensed social workers at the master’s or advanced clinical level with actual social work experience.
  • We conduct our own academic advising to ensure student success.
  • Students have the opportunity to pursue individualized research projects or professional presentations with faculty guidance, developing skills that prepare them for graduate programs in social work, psychology, sociology or related disciplines.
  • Students have access to the Social Work Laboratory for training in advanced assessment and interpersonal skills.
  • Students are exposed to and learn professional social work skills by completing 520 required clock hours of field experience in an agency setting.
  • Students practice leadership roles in the Student Social Work Association and related academic honor societies.