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Majors Available

Career Opportunities

A psychology degree can prepare you for various careers in settings that include:

  • Federal, state and local government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Public and private human services organizations
  • Consulting and marketing research firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Retail stores or manufacturers
  • Human resource departments
  • Military

For more information about psychology careers, visit the Career Development Office.

Departmental Highlights

  • Our program has its own first-year experience program to ensure student success. Faculty and advanced psychology student-mentors work with freshmen.
  • Students have the opportunity to translate course content into individualized research projects, developing skills that prepare them for graduate, law or medical school.
  • Students have access to a recording studio for training in advanced interpersonal skills.
  • Students learn workplace and professional skills by completing internships in field settings.
  • Course delivery formats include face-to-face, online and a blended form of both.
  • Students practice leadership roles in classes and clubs.