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Physics and Geosciences

Majors Available

Our department also has these agreements with other institutions:

  • ASU physics students who earn a C or better in Chemistry I and Calculus I may transfer to Texas Tech University to earn a bachelor’s degree in one of several engineering options.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates often advance to careers in aerospace technology, mathematics, medicine, teaching, and engineering or geosciences in the oil and gas industry, to name just a few. We offer flexible degree plans that allow students to enter careers after graduating or continue on to graduate school. To learn more about careers for physics graduates, visit the Career Development Office.

Departmental Highlights

  • Physics Today named ASU’s Physics Department one of the top 21 undergraduate programs in the nation.
  • All teaching faculty have doctorates and teach advanced lab sequences targeted at providing students with useful hands-on skills needed to enter the workforce or advance to graduate school.
  • Our department houses the Global Immersion Center, one of the largest digital display centers in Texas. It boasts a 50-foot dome, a high-definition digital star projector and seating for 118.
  • Students have the option of conducting undergraduate research and working one-on-one with a faculty mentor.
  • Our student organizations are dedicated to the advancement of physics and geosciences through outreach, service and professional engagement.
  • Our geosciences degree provides practical field experiences throughout the program and culminates in a five-week field school.