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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Transient Students

Transient students are those who are enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another college or university, but would like to earn credit at Angelo State University. Transient students are eligible for admission after completing the following items:

  • Application for admission (under application type, choose “Transient”)
  • Official transcript or letter of good standing from the college/university currently attending
  • $40 non-refundable application fee 

Applicants who want to register for one semester or for summer classes at ASU must not be on probation (academic or disciplinary) or suspension from the institution in which they are currently enrolled. Transient students are encouraged to work with advisors at their home institution to ensure the coursework they take at ASU is transferable.

ASU Admissions prefers an electronic official transcript from the current institution you are attending. If mailing, please have transcript sent to the Office of Admissions.


Post-baccalaureate students are those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree, but are seeking additional undergraduate coursework, typically to fulfill prerequisite requirements for graduate school. Post-bacc students are eligible for admission after completing the following items:

  • Application for admission 
    • Students receiving their undergraduate degree from ASU will select “Re-admit” as application type (if you are planning on continuous enrollment after graduation, you will need to inform the registrar office but do not need to re-apply). Students who received a degree from another institution and would like to take undergraduate courses at ASU will select “Transfer” as application type.
  • Official transcripts
  • $40 non-refundable application fee 

Other Students

If you would like to attend ASU as a non-degree seeking student, but do not fit into one of the above categories, please contact the Admissions Office to speak with an admission counselor about your specific situation.