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Transfer Credits

A student must be approved for admission before the evaluation process can begin. Please allow the Office of Admissions anywhere from three days to two weeks for evaluation. The time frame is dependent on the volume of transcripts received.

Transfer Equivalency Tables

Use our Transfer Equivalency Tables to learn about the courses you have completed that will transfer to ASU. Note that not all colleges or universities may be listed.

For more information, please contact Transfer Services.

  • Transfer Credit and Grades
    Transfer Degree Planner

    Use our Transfer Degree Planner to determine how your transfer courses apply to an ASU degree. Create an account and save your evaluation to return to it at a later date for updating courses completed and intended degrees.

    Transfer Equivalency Tables

    Use our Transfer Equivalency Tables to see how your classes transfer to ASU. Note that not all colleges or universities may be listed. Contact us for questions if you do not see your school or courses listed.

    Transfer Credit Policies
    • Developmental, technical and vocational courses are non-transferable and are not calculated for admission purposes.
    • A minimum of 30 semester credit hours must be taken in residence, including 24 semester credit hours of advanced work, to receive a bachelor’s degree from ASU.
    • Credit hours taken at a junior or community college may not be transferred as upper-division work.
    • Credit granted for non-traditional educational experiences by community colleges or other universities will not be accepted for transfer. These include courses taken at non-degree granting institutions, life or work experience, and work completed at specialized proprietary schools.
    • Credit by examination will be accepted when the student provides documentation of test scores on an original score report from the national testing organization, or an official high school transcript. For more information, see our credit by examination guidelines.
    • Evaluation of course credit earned at other institutions does not guarantee approval of the credit for use toward ASU degree requirements. Only the academic dean of the college offering the program in which a student is enrolled has authority for determining which courses will be applied toward any specific program. 
    Transfer Grades
    • A grade of D or higher is required to be used for an ASU degree. Some majors require certain courses to have grades higher than D. Check the undergraduate catalog or with an academic advisor regarding minimum grades for courses in particular majors. 
    • Grades from all transferable courses will be used for admission purposes, but will not be calculated into your institutional GPA at Angelo State University.
    • Grades of WF are averaged as F.
    • Grades of W and WP are not used for admission or GPA purposes.
    • When a course has been repeated, the last grade stands, unless the course is designated in the institution’s catalog as “may be repeated for credit.”
  • Transcript Policies
    • Students must submit official transcripts from all colleges attended before registering for courses.
    • Official transcripts hand-delivered to the office must be in a sealed envelope.
    • Angelo State will not transfer credit for any college course documented only on a high school transcript.
    • All transcripts become the property of Angelo State University once submitted, and cannot be returned to the applicant. Mailed transcripts need to be submitted in an official, sealed envelope. Electronic transcripts are preferred and can allow for faster processing of the application. Transcripts should not be submitted via email. 
    • If you need help finding out how to order your official college transcripts, please visit our Transfer Transcript Order Webpage for more information and links to order transcripts from Texas colleges and universities.
    • It is the student’s choice to submit international college/university transcripts for admission purposes and transfer credit determination. However, once ASU personnel evaluate transfer credit, the student no longer has the option to eliminate those credits from his/her record.
  • Admission File Review

    Transfer applicants who do not meet the admission GPA (grade point average) requirement will have their records reviewed to evaluate other factors that could predict success at Angelo State University. The transfer office will review applicants holistically and present candidates to the Director of Admissions for a final admissions decision. The review will consider academic information such as the types of courses taken and the pattern of progress, as well as course work taken leading toward the major. Consideration will be given to students who have earned an associate’s degree.

  • If you have less than 12 transferable hours

    Students who have less than 12 transferable hours are required to meet the transfer admission requirements AND freshman admission requirements. ASU no longer requires ACT/SAT scores for freshman admission. Please contact the office of admissions at if you have less than 12 hours of transferable courses and want to be considered for admission without your ACT/SAT scores. 

  • Admission Decisions

    Once we receive all of the required items to complete your application, we will review you for admission. It can take up to 5 business days to review your application depending on how many transcripts you have submitted. Out-of-state transcripts may take longer to review.

    You are encouraged to apply at least 3 weeks prior to the semester to ensure you have time for your file to be reviewed, and if admitted, be advised and register for classes. However, the application stays open until the posted deadline

  • Transfer Credit for Military Experience

    Active duty and veteran students should apply as transfer students. ASU accepts credit for military experience. See our Military and Veterans Admissions page for more information about military credits. 

  • Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

    The Angelo State University Police Department is committed to providing a safe campus and assisting all members of the ASU community in providing for their own safety. In accordance with the Clery Act, the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is published every October and contains information and crime statistics for the three previous calendar years regarding certain reportable crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Angelo State; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible to the campus. The report also contains information regarding campus security and personal safety topics such as crime prevention, fire safety, university police law enforcement authority, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures and other information related to safety and security on campus.

    If you would like to receive a paper copy of the report, stop by the University Police Department at 1702 W. Ave N San Angelo, TX, 76909 or you can request a copy be mailed to you by calling 325-942-2071.

    The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available online here.