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Former Undergraduate ASU Students

All former undergraduate students who did not complete one long semester (fall or spring) or who have not been enrolled at ASU for one or more long semesters must re-apply for undergraduate admission. Former students wishing to re-enter Angelo State University must submit an Application for Admission (under application type, choose “Readmit”) and the $40 non-refundable undergraduate application fee. Students who left ASU on scholastic probation may be re-admitted on scholastic probation.

Former undergraduate students who attend another college or university must submit an Application for Admission (under application type, choose “Transfer”), $40 non-refundable undergraduate application fee, and official transcripts of all college or university course work since last enrollment at ASU. The cumulative grade point average of all official transcripts since last attending ASU must be a minimum 2.0. 

Returning Students Previously Suspended or on Probation

Returning After Suspension

Former undergraduate students who leave on academic suspension must fulfill the terms of their suspension by remaining unenrolled at ASU based on the following requirements:

  • Students wishing to return to ASU following their first academic suspension must sit-out for one long semester. Summer terms do not count as a semester.
  • Students wishing to return to ASU following their second academic suspension must sit-out for one year.
  • Students wishing to return to ASU following their third academic suspension must sit-out for two years.
Admission Application Deadline for Returning Students Not in Good Academic Standing

Admission applications for students meeting the criteria to return after leaving on suspension or probation must be completed at least 7 business days prior to the first day of class.  Completed applications include the admission application, application fee, and any other documents needed to complete your application package including college transcripts.   

Academic Standing Following Admission

Students who are readmitted to ASU after leaving on suspension or probation will be placed on academic probation during their first term of reentry. Refer to Operating Policy 10.07: Undergraduate Academic Status for detailed information.