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ASU Direct Path

The ASU Direct Path program is an alternative admission program designed to offer freshmen academic support through a partnership between Howard College (Howard County Junior College District) and Angelo State University. Students will also live in a residence hall at ASU while taking courses at Howard College.

If you are a freshman applicant and are denied admission to ASU in a fall semester and meet the test score requirements, you can then apply to Howard College and subsequently the Direct Path program. Within one semester, you can become eligible to transfer to ASU with a minimum of 12 transferable credit hours and a 2.0 GPA but are eligible to remain in the program until 18 transferable hours are completed.

ASU provides transfer application fee waivers for all Direct Path participants once they become transfer eligible. The Direct Path program will then automatically transfer you to ASU for the following semester.  

Notice: Only freshman applicants are eligible for the Direct Path program. Transfer students are not eligible for Direct Path. If at any time you are admitted to ASU either through internal file review, or through the appeal process, you no longer qualify for participation in the Direct Path program.

  • Direct Path Benefits

    As an ASU Direct Path program participant, you will have the opportunity to live on ASU’s campus in a learning community in a residence hall and take advantage of ASU student life and services while attending Howard College. 

    You will be a part of a learning community while living at ASU. National research shows that students who live in learning communities tend to have higher GPAs and transition easier from high school to college. The Direct Path learning community will give you opportunities to:

    • Access on-campus student activities
    • Learn about campus and community resources to help you succeed
    • Establish relationships with other Direct Path students
    • Create study groups and motivate each other to go to class and complete assignments  

    ASU will provide transfer application fee waivers for all Direct Path participants once they become transfer eligible. 

  • Program Requirements

    In order to participate in the Direct Path program, students are required to:

    • Meet the minimum test scores below:
      • ACT: 15 (Composite Score)
      • SAT: 830 (evidence-based reading & writing and math)
    • Students must enroll in the ASU Direct Path program in the long semester immediately following their high school graduation.
    • Live in the ASU residence hall for the duration of their participation in the Direct Path program. Students are responsible for payment of housing.
    • Attend regular meetings with the Transfer Academic Advisor.
    • Attend a Howard College orientation.
    • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
    • Provide their own transportation from the ASU campus to the Howard College campus.
  • Application

    The Direct Path application for Fall 2018 is currently open. Requests for an application are due July 1. All required documents must be submitted by July 15.

  • Cost

    Direct Path students pay their tuition, fees, and housing to Howard College. No payments are made to Angelo State University.

    *Estimated Cost Per Semester:

    **Howard College Tuition: $1,860

    Howard College Fees: $345

    ***Housing at ASU Campus: $2,520

    ESTIMATED TOTAL: $4,725/semester


    *Costs are based on the 2018-2019 rates. 

    **Tuition is based on 15 credit hours for the out-of-district rate. Out-of-district tuition is charged for students living outside of Howard County. 

    **See the Housing section on this page for information regarding the amenities included in the housing cost.


    Additional Optional Fees:

    University Recreation: $125/semester

    Athletic Fee: $219/semester

    Parking (ASU Campus): $72/year

    Meal Plan upgrade option 1- Gold 15 with $100 Ram Points: $750/semester:

    • Gold plans give students the flexibility to use 15 meals per week, with a maximum of 3 meals per day (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner).

    Meal Plan upgrade option 2- Gold 21 with $100 Ram Points: $850/semester:

    • Gold plans give students the flexibility to use 21 meals per week, with a maximum of 3 meals per day (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner).
  • Financial Aid

    Apply for financial aid and pay all outstanding balances through Howard College.  

    Your federal student aid award as administered by Howard College will first be applied to the required tuition and fees, followed by the ASU Direct Path Program fee, and then followed by the options selected.  You will be responsible for any outstanding amount not covered after all financial aid has been applied.

    The priority deadline to apply for financial aid at Howard College is July 1. Any FAFSA applications received after July 1 may not be processed until after payments are due. 

    Students should submit their FAFSA applications to Howard College no later than July 1. 

  • Advising and Orientation

    Once accepted, you need to get advised and registered for classes at Howard College. Prior to the first day of classes and moving into the residence hall, an orientation specifically for Direct Path students will be held. More information will be sent to you about the orientation.  

  • Housing and Student Life

    Even though classes are administered through Howard College and you will be considered a Howard College student, as a Direct Path participant you will live on ASU’s campus in a residence hall as part of a learning community. You will also eat in the ASU Food Service Center, obtain an ASU mailbox, and take advantage of ASU campus social activities. For additional fees, you can also elect to access other services, such as University Recreation, campus parking and athletic events.


    Your housing fee at the ASU Campus includes:

    • A double occupancy suite style room in Carr Hall
      • A micro-fridge unit in each room.
      • Moveable beds and desks and a large individual closet and storage space.
      • A bathroom shared with an adjoining room.
      • Internet and e-mail access.
      • Laundry included.
      • Access to a full service kitchen (with stove and oven) on the second floor of the Hall.
    • Blue 120 Meal plan: Allows students to use 120 meals anytime during the Academic Year and $50 in Ram Points
    • An on-campus P.O. Box
    • Access to on campus UCPC student activities
    • Access to the Health Clinic and Counseling Services
    • IT fee