ASU My Future

Welcome, Parents

Choosing the right college is often a decision that students make with their families. We want to address any of the questions or concerns that you may have about your student’s future at Angelo State University, so we’ve put together this web page just for parents. And, please feel free to contact any of our admissions representatives if we can provide you with any additional information.

The Value of a College Education

Without question, a college education is a serious investment. We suggest you consider the lifelong benefits and the career advantages of obtaining a college degree. As you research your student’s higher education options, we’re confident you’ll find that ASU offers a great value for your investment. We invite you to look at ASU’s cost of attendance and see how it measures up to the competition.

A Home Away From Home

This is likely the first time your student will be living away from home, so we understand that you may be a little apprehensive. Rest assured that our residence halls offer modern amenities and trained staff who host a wide variety of programs and activities designed to help engage students.

Let us also ease some of your concerns about campus safety by providing you with information and resources about safety and security at ASU. In addition to having campus police patrolling at all times, we also have 16 emergency call boxes placed throughout campus that provide a direct line to police. The university also maintains ASUAlert, a campus emergency notification system that allows the campus community to receive time-sensitive emergency notifications via voice messages, text messages and ASU e-mail accounts.

Continuous Academic Support

ASU offers all the academic resources that your student needs to find success at the collegiate level. Programs in our Freshman College were specifically designed to help new students. In addition to offering signature courses for freshmen that ease the transition to college life. Additionally, we offer tutoring services, the Writing Center, the Math Lab and Supplemental Instruction. With all these programs, your student will never have to feel alone on the academic journey.