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First-Year Students

First-Year Students Admission Requirements

We are glad you want to earn a college education from Angelo State University. Please read the admission requirements below and feel free to contact us if you need further information about any of the items listed.

Standardized Test Scores and Rankings

High School Graduates or Homeschooled Students

Students from accredited high schools must earn minimum ACT (composite) or SAT (combined critical reading and math) scores for the class ranks listed here:

High School Class Rank ACT SAT
Top 10% No minimum scores (but we need to have them on file)
Next 40% 17 820
3rd Quarter File Review File Review
4th Quarter File Review File Review

ASU invites applications from all unranked 3rd and 4th quartile students. Students who fall in these categories will have their file reviewed to determine admissibility and potential for success at Angelo State University.

Additional Requirements

In addition to meeting the above standardized test score requirements, the State of Texas requires applicants to fulfill ONE of the following criteria:

  • Successfully completed the Recommended high school program or its equivalent
  • Satisfied ACT College Readiness Benchmark scores (English: 18, Math: 22, Reading: 22, and Science: 23) OR earned a SAT composite score of at least 1500 (out of a possible 2400)


GED students must have satisfied ACT College Readiness Benchmark scores (English: 18, Math: 22, Reading: 22, and Science: 23) OR earned a SAT composite score of at least 1500 (out of a possible 2400).

First-Year Students Application Process

We are excited that you want to join us at Angelo State University. The application process is easy, but please contact us at any time if you need assistance.

Before an admission decision can be made, you must submit ALL of the following items:

Application Materials

Make sure you send your application materials to:

Office of Admissions

Credit for ACT/SAT Scores

Students who submit ACT or SAT scores for admission purposes are eligible for credit at Angelo State University in selected courses if:

  • Their test scores are high enough to qualify for credit (see table below for details)
  • They satisfactorily complete a fall or spring semester and pass the applicable section of a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test
ASU Course Number Test Score
English 1301   ACT (English section) 29-31
SAT (Verbal section) 630-670
English 1301 and 1302   ACT (English section) 32+
SAT (Verbal section) 680+
Math 1302   ACT (Math section) 32+
SAT (Math section) 630+
Physical Science
NENA* (4 hours)
ACT (Science reasoning section) 29+

*Students who earn non-equivalent, non-advanced (NENA) credit in physical science on the basis of ACT scores will not use this credit for fulfilling major, minor or certification requirements.

Any student eligible to receive credit based on ACT or SAT scores must have these scores on file in the Office of Admissions prior to the last day of the first semester enrolled. It is the student’s responsibility to provide ACT or SAT scores to the Office of Admissions. Test scores cannot be more than five years old. Credit will be awarded to the student in the first semester of enrollment. Credit will not be awarded after the student’s first semester at Angelo State University.