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Former Undergraduate ASU Students

All former undergraduate students who did not complete one long semester (fall or spring) or who have not been enrolled at ASU for one or more long semesters must re-apply for undergraduate admission. Former students wishing to re-enter Angelo State University must submit an Application for Admission (under application type, choose “Readmit”) and the $35 non-refundable undergraduate application fee. Students who left ASU on scholastic probation may be re-admitted on scholastic probation.

Former undergraduate students who attend another college or university must submit an Application for Admission (under application type, choose “Transfer”), $35 non-refundable undergraduate application fee, and official transcripts of all college or university course work since last enrollment at ASU. The cumulative grade point average of all official transcripts since last attending ASU must be a minimum 2.0. 

Former undergraduate students who leave on suspension must submit a Suspension Appeal Form and comply with ASU’s policies of re-enrollment. Refer to Operating Policy 10.07: Undergraduate Academic Status for detailed information.