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  • image“The residence halls are my favorite place on campus. They are places where students can gather, make new connections and enjoy what ASU has to offer.”

    —Josh Bennett

    • Each semester, Housing and Residential Programs organizes more than 350 programs for on-campus residents.

  • image“I am a transfer student, and I was able to adapt easily to the different organizations on campus. I love the campus, and I am glad I did not hesitate to transfer.”

    —Belia Reyes

    • ASU has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations as well as a thriving intramural sports program.

  • image“One of the reasons I chose ASU is because it’s close to home, but not too close.”

    —Chris Rawls

    • ASU is located in San Angelo, the center of a West Texas community of more than 100,000 people.

  • image“My favorite place on campus is the University Center because it’s where most students hang out, play games and eat.”

    —Jennifer Ejeh

    • The University Center is named after Houston Harte, the longtime publisher of the San Angelo Standard-Times and confidant of President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

  • image“I came to ASU because the physics and geology programs are awesome and hands-down the best I’ve seen.”

    —Josue Rodriguez

    • ASU was named one of The Princeton Review’s Best 378 Colleges and Universities for 2014 based largely on its outstanding academic programs.

  • image“The atmosphere and the people really make me feel like I belong at ASU.”

    —Leeshia Crayton

    • ASU has students and faculty of all ethnicities that creates a truly diverse learning environment.

  • image“People are really friendly at ASU, and the quality of education is good. Professors actually care about their students.”

    —Paritosh Bhatnagar

    • All ASU faculty members maintain office hours to answer student questions and address concerns.

  • image“It’s easy to communicate with professors at ASU. Classes are not too big, so it’s easy to ask questions and understand the material.”

    —Jose G. Loa Peña

    • All upper division courses at ASU are taught by faculty with doctoral degrees.

  • image“I love the small classrooms at ASU because it gives me an opportunity to get to know my professors.”

    —Chai’enne Lucas

    • ASU has a student-faculty ratio of 21:1.

  • image“ASU has a lot of places where I can spend time and make friends—the gym, the library and the Multicultural Center. There’s also a lot of campus events where I can learn new things.”

    —Hee Sun Do

    • ASU’s new student recreation center includes a climbing wall, indoor jogging track, free weights and modern exercise machines.

  • image“I chose ASU because it was affordable and it gave me time to think more about what career I wanted to go into.”

    —Jesus Martinez

    • ASU manages a major financial aid program that provides assistance to three out of four students.

  • image“I first visited ASU when I was a junior in high school. I loved how diverse the campus was. And coming from a big city, San Angelo didn’t seem big or small, it was just right.”

    —Destiny Jackson

    • ASU students hail from all across Texas, as well as other areas of the nation and several foreign countries.

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